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Hitec used to sell (and maybe still does) a servo programmer for use on many of their servos that allowed you to "tune" them for that. Most other brands do not have such a tool.
I'd guess that 99.9% use the "subtrim" function on their radios to do the same thing. But, if it requires a lot of correction, using that depends on the brand. Some have their programming such that large amounts of subtrim will result in "dead" spots at the extremes of stick travel. But other makes don't have that flaw.
Some radios allow you to adjust the center and the high/low maximum points of servo movement, which is ideal. Some make it a combination of subtrim and end point adjustments.
Inexpensive systems may not have any of the above.

In the olden days, we used to take them apart, and adjust the "pots" inside to do the same. Not possible with modern day servos.

Part of the issue is that there is no hard standard for what is "center". One manufacturer may make their TX/receivers/servos center at 1500uS, and another at 1520uS. Or even 1480uS. Fine within their own brand, but plays havoc when mixing brands. And the aftermarket companies will pick whatever compatibility they decide is best. That noted, generally most have settled into using the 1500uS number....but not all.

Tell us what servos (brand and model) and what Radio transmitter you are using, and you will likely get much better "how to" answers.
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