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Originally Posted by Tequesta View Post
Thanks for all your replies. I do know about sub trim, but I was going to use my DX5 radio and it is not a computer radio. I do have a Hitec Optic 6 but I can't find feather light receivers like the Lemon RX DSMX.
The receiver doesn't matter. It's what the transmitter is sending, and what the servo translates that to be.
I just had a new bargain basement $6 servo I had to replace for other reasons. To get it to center, I had to change the output of the radio to center at 1598uS (!) Which is really, really far off. Changed to a Hitec, and it was spot on at 1500uS, which is the most common timing for centering. Get a Hitec or Spektrum servo, and you should be good.