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If you can't use sub-trim, or the radio isn't equipped with it, then either reprogramming the servo is in order(not likely if you're not equipped for it), or try different control horns. Not all control horns are clocked the same. The spline teeth can and are slightly different from brand to brand, and many times the splines are different in identical arms, which will put the arms a degree or a few degrees different from each other.

Another thing to try is flip the arms 180degrees on the output shaft. On a 25t spline arm, putting the arm on 180degrees either way makes a difference too(because of uneven tooth count).

Many servos can all be different. Much of it depends on assembly, and where/how the gears are placed, and it could even boil down to idler/intermediate gears being off one tooth. Much of it is usually adjusted or compensated in ways I described above. We're not flying space shuttles, so it's not a big deal, but we do want everything as good as we can get it. Good luck with it.