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Okay ahicks, give me that little bit. PLEASE!

So, it was an interesting day. One of my local flying buddies and my personal auto mechanic, came over to help. This guy can do just about anything, from fixing a model airplane engine to repair old radios ,TV's, you name it! The first thing he wanted to check (this time) was the compression. Eyeing my Ultimate that has an identical DLE-20 that hasn't been run in a really long time, he said "Get that one down and let's run it." So after fueling and messing with it for a while to get the fuel flowing, it took just a few flips and the thing ran like a top! Noticing that it does have more compression, his idea was switching the cylinder head and piston over to the non-running DLE-20. We did, fueled it back up and.... IT DIDN'T RUN! Not right away that is. And this is where it gets interesting. He gave up, leaned against my trailer, and just stared at the thing. I, not willing to give up, decided to try again. Choke on, flip a few times util it starts to pop (which it was doing before), choke off, first flip tries to run... then second or third flip she started up! Not having the plane tethered and just sitting on the table top without wings on, I was taken by surprise! Here I am trying to hold the front end with my left hand and then reaching under my left arm with my right hand to grab the transmitter before it fell onto the ground, and my buddy just leaning against the trailer with a dumbfounded look on his face. After I yelled help, he came over to hold it. Now it's at half throttle, so I advanced towards about 3/4 throttle, when it started to die out. I brought it back to half and he opened up the high speed needle a bit. I advanced the throttle slowly and then the engine just died! A few flips and NOTHING!!!

So now we checked the voltage on the ignition battery. 6.53 volts. In my thinking that should be enough. But I am charging it tonight and we'll try again tomorrow. Maybe we should switch out the new ignition for the one in the Ultimate?

Thoughts, ideas?