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Default IAF-Zukit-Fouga Magister (RCJC)

Turbine and tail pipe/exhaust installation was relativly easy. Had to move the turbine forward as posible to get the correct C.G without ballasts. At the same time had to move the double tail pipe rear as possible for two reasons:
1. Ensure proper distance from turbine outlet to tail pipe.
2. Get the turbine in/out without having to separate the fuselage. Note that because it is double tail pipe it cannot be moved rearward.

I ended trimming some of the double inlet duct in two places for the turbine starter.

Engine bay final mesurments. The engine rails had to be shaped to acomodate the engine. The fuel vent lines waiting to be instald.

The starter is looking forward through the inlet duct just to be engaged...

Almost there...

Double tail pipe-"Y" shape. This is why it can't be moved rearward too much. Note the 3 air tanks. The left one must be removed if the tail pipe has to go out.

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