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In my somewhat reverse order of doing things, given two engines and a situation like this I think I'd be trying some of the components from your bad engine on the engine that does run. For example, restore the running engine to normal configuration then run it to confirm it is still normal. Then one by one, try components from the bad engine. For example, start with the ignition. Does the good engine still run on the questionable ignition? If so .... that component is confirmed good. Then move on to ignition sensor .... confirm good or reject depending on results. Move on to the carb and reed assembly one at a time ..... confirm good or reject as bad ..... and so on, and so on. Have you ever confirmed timing with a degree wheel? Have you confirmed the magnet in the prop hub is still a magnet? Have you confirmed the key between the prop hub and crankshaft is not sheared? You may get down to the point that everything works but an engine assembly that includes just the crankcase and crankshaft. I think you get the picture. Confirm one by one that components are good or bad. If I had known you have a good engine sitting there, I would have made different suggestions from the start.