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honestly yes, they made it worse within the last 5-6 years, the Piston rod is thinner in important areas, and the oiler hole is also not at its best location to actually do anything.
either inspect /replace the con-rod very often, make sure to run it rich so it wont hit its full potential and over-rev the con rod, or buy a different engine.
a few companies used to make aftermarket con rods, but stopped producing them.
dynamite .19 Mach 2 110$
O.S. 21TM $300
are kinda the direct replacements to go anymore.
The Losi 3.4 is a great one in place of the 3.3, but is getting harder to find.

and to answer the question, they got a bit greedy and trying to fly it under the radar is the only thing that makes sense,
offer engine for 220$,
when an engine fails offer the "power up program" selling a $220 engine for right over $130, make it feel like they got a good deal.
with the "deal" they are getting are probably not going to dig into the problem and investigate that it wasnt their fault.
keep the customer because they think they were getting a screaming deal/favor.

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