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I saw an article where multiple states have put a call out for COBOL programmers (A computer language they quit teaching in the 80s.) because their systems can't handle all the new unemployment claims. The unemployment figures, if they ever release them, are going to be in double digits and a lot of smaller businesses where a large majority of people work will never recover. This is the biggest threat to our hobby and our economy. I just saw on the news a local church setup an emergency food bank for the unemployed. The line of cars to get food was a mile long in both directions trying to get in with police directing traffic. For safety of everyone concerned the cars pull up and the church people load the food in the back and send you on your way. Everyone is told to stay in their car with the windows up. Trump it starting to look a lot like Hoover, he has a depression looming and he doesn't have a clue what to do. They crowd he surrounds himself are picked for their loyalty and not their qualifications and his "yes" men and women will lead him down a path to his own destruction and failure. He doesn't have the fortitude or the ego to take be able to build a cabinet and circle of advisers with a broad spectrum of opinions and party affiliations like Lincoln or FDR had. History teaches us it is the people you bring into your inner circle that determine if you are a great president or a lousy president. The spineless bunch leading his party are more interested in holding on to their own power and positions than helping be successful, granted his ego won't let them him either.
That's the point. Finding a new job right now is a hell of a problem. I think I will try to search for something else. I've heard that there are a lot of jobs on the internet. They look for sales managers and SEO specialists, even now. Maybe I will try it on. But I have an issue: I'm a complete novice in everything related to sales and stuff. What should I do in this situation?