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I worked with a guy who's father was a professional gambler it isn't an easy life and there are a lot of ups and downs. His father had some income from the tribe I think and that was what kept him afloat. My son in Kansas has a next door neighbor who has a buddy I have met once who makes a living play slots at different Indian casinos. He pretty much lives at casinos and moves between the bigger casinos every week or two to keep the management from catching on. He specializes in one brand/type of machine which he has detected a tell and a pattern of how it pays out that he exploits. If they manufacturer ever up dates the software or the machine goes out of date and gets replaced he will be out of a job. He uses a player loyalty card when he plays when he will lose (which is most of the time) and pops it out to turn it into a cash only when it is about to pay off. This way it he is pegged as a high roller with a tendency to lose a lot of money. He get complimentary hotel rooms and meals in the casino for his play this way covering most of his living expenses. I would bet being all cash transactions he doesn't file income tax on it or pay into FICA so his retirement years will be tough. Itsnot an easy life and it can';t be easy or everyone would be doing it. You know at some point your luck is going to run out.