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Originally Posted by 1QwkSport2.5r View Post
SH doesn’t make the 15FE as far as I am aware. To my knowledge they were made by Toki in Japan. I have a .15FE and it’s got “Made in Japan” cast into the case. SH engines have never been made in Japan.

That said, the 15FE is not worth putting any effort into fixing. Replace it. The kicker is if the RS4 engine mounts from under the chassis or not. If it does, you’ll need to change the engine mount to fit an engine with a standard mounting using the side mounting lugs.
It does mount from under the chassis. Four little screws into the bottom of the engine, no separate mount. I assume mounting kits are out there to adapt to a side mount.

And yeah, engine does have made in Japan stamped on it.