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if he is wanting the same type as the Rush Evo, (rear wheel drive, stadium truck style) i would look into an Associated RC10GT, or RC10GT2. they were both very common, and made for quite a few years so parts are still, for the most part, readily available. it will most likely be getting something used, as there arent very many stadium trucks available anymore aside from traxxas rustler. (the rustler is kind of clunky compared to about any other platform, but can be made decently durable with quite a few more upgrade parts)
there are many versions of the RC10GT if thats the route you take, and if so i recommend getting one with the blue flat chassis, there are others that have a black pan, and i think there is a gold one?, but the blue plate version is the more recent.
Rc10GT2 is the newer version of the RC10GT, but does not share many if any at all parts.
i did find this though:
do be aware that HPI went MIA for a few years there and is barely starting to come back, parts most likely wont be released again for the HPI Rush evo, and the supply is dwindling anyways for new old stock parts.