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Originally Posted by iflyg450 View Post
I just wanted to share this, if you thinking of what to fly next GO FOR THE TF NOBLER. This was my second 40 size u/c and it was a great choice! Great price, well built, fantastic hardware, and a great performer. Still new to this I know its not a top shelf performer. But if you want a great sport plane this is it. The OS 46LA-S is perfect. I tried some prop and found so far the MAS 11x6 really gets the job done. My lines are 60ft .018. It pulls hard on the lines even in strong winds I have flown is in 10-15mph winds with no problem. I can't say enough about this plane


30 years ago an old timer at the field had a nobler with a radio installed, flew great too.
Always wanted to try it but never saw the kit in the hobby shops.