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Originally Posted by john agnew View Post
HI Bob

Yes the 14 MZ is not without issues but it was a huge step up from the 9ZAP. I got mine 14 years ago (35Mhz) and subsequently got the 2.4 module for it. The batteries don't have much capacity but I have 2 and a field charger. It needed a new screen a few years ago but is still running strong, I am probably too old and set in me ways to upgrade!!

Hey John;

I am flying the 18SZ, and helping a gas student with the 14mz. The other day when we flew, we used 3 transmitter batteries for the day in the 14MZ. Donít be afraid to upgrade to the 18SZ. I had my 18SZ on for the same amount of time and flights. The 18SZ didnít even come off of full charge. I program his and mine both. I never worked with the 14MZ until working with him. The programming is extremely similar and actually, to me, some of the programming issues have been more simplified in the 18SZ. Youíll get a new, better battery system, a new screen, and itís always nice to buy something new. Plus the 18SZ is set up to bind two receivers with telemetry. Is there to use, even if you donít. Whatís a $1000 in the scheme of life for less frustration and the cost of any jet.

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