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Default HPI TF-40 controller broken by 3 year old

Hello all,
I've had a HPI Savage Flux XS for 6/7 years, it's only been used a few times.
I'm still a newbie so apologies if I need things explained slowly...

The Savage is a beast, it's been rock solid and very low maintenance (which I'm sure you guys already know).
I took it out of storage at the weekend and let my 3 year old have a go at the steering - no way was she driving it, so I was controlling the throttle/reverse.

I'm not sure how, but she managed to 'overturn' the wheel on the TF-40 controller, causing it to 'snap'.

I took it apart and the plastic had sheered off where it was forced, and a spring was just hanging.
I put the spring back and screwed everything back in place. When I tested it, the 'notch' in the wheel mechanism kept getting caught (so I had to keep opening the controller and freeing it).

When resting, the front wheels of the Savage are turned left, and when turning the controller left it does not move the wheels (but it does turn right).
When I switch off the controller, the Savage wheels reset back to 'straight'. This implies that the issue is with the controller.

My question is - what punishment does my 3 yea Is it economically repairable?
Am I putting the spring/bits back together correctly? (I can't attached photos as I'm new, but happy to upload to somewhere if it helps.)
Should I look at a replacement controller? what good/basic model should I look at?

Thanks all, Al