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Originally Posted by [color=#222222
It is the mold design that is where all the cost is associated.[/color]
Bingo. I checked into having permanent molds made for 1/10 scale Panther tracks 25+ years ago and the
price for just a single place mold with retractable pins (to facilitate track pins) for both re-enforced poly proylene
or aluminum parts; different molds of course and the prices were alarming. Just for the mold. Then there's
negotiating with someone to mount and run the mold - anything less than 10,000 pieces and, at the time, all
you got for your troubles was a 'We'll get back to you'...

With Asian manufacturers having long joined the market I'm sure costs will be competitive. I was flabbergasted at seeing
stainless steel 1/16 tracks for what? 300 bucks a set! And Asiatam selling a 1/10 scale Tiger I set in steel complete with sprokets
for 700. (their current set is Zn alloy)

I wouldn't sneeze at poly tracks; I think in the long run they'd serve a 1/16 Maus well. It's not as if you're going to be thrashing or drifting it......
However when you find those aluminum tracks put me down for a set or two please...