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My Lord, it has been almost 10 long years and my Slow Stick-X using GWS Slow Stick Parts has survived!

I recently flew it about a week ago (during the weekend) at my RC Club using a HIMAX Inrunner Brushless with the HIMAX gearbox. The issue was I could not keep the propeller on the output gearbox shaft.

I came to a complete circle of sorts and found my original ASTRO FLIGHT mightly mirco 010 14-turn inrunner brushless and found a GWS EPS-300/350 gearbox and installed the GWS "B" Spur gear which makes 4.43:1 reduction.

Placed a GWS Slow Flyer (Orange Propeller) EP9070 which is a 9 X 7 propeller.

Performed numerous repairs on the wing and from a previous crash that occurred over 10 years ago and recorded right here!

Experimenting with the HIMAX Inrunner with HIMAX gearbox.

Just could not keep the propeller on the Gearbox output shaft.

Bending the original Aluminum 10mm X 10mm square tube from previous crashes!

Repaired the Plastic Frontal Wing brace!

Small piece cut-out from spare replacement part for the Frontal Wing Brace and rubber band hold point.

Spare GWS Part from the bin drawer.

The best Glue!

Clamping and allowing it to cure! I did glue in an additional piece for the edge lip.

All complete!

Aluminum Post stay for rubber bands.

Close up.

Making a template from a Prototype wing that Mr. Karpy gave me years ago.

Making support rib.


After trimming a little more, finally glued in.

The best cleaner.

The Slow Stick-X was brought back to life and shinny again!

Nice and Clean.

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