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Over the years the nature of electric-powered flight has changed from being a dog based on inefficient brushed motors and NiCd batteries to the current high-performance state of brushless motors and Lithium batteries. Glow is fading out and the market has split to gasoline for the large planes and electric at the low and middle-sized as the dominant power sources.

I stopped by a club not too long ago that I had tried to join 17 years ago. I had an RTF parkflyer, back before the name parkflyer was in use. They would not let me in. They only flew glow and gas. And so it was with a lot of small electric pilots. So the electrics went outside the clubs and the clubs started to wither.

Today, most of the planes that are less than 10 pounds are electric. Some of the heavier planes are electric too.

A lot of change.