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Default For the maiden

May I recommend and something that I do for the maiden of Warbirds and Jets. Everyone thinks that it is great to trim the aircraft out at full throttle with flaps and gear up. Run the timer and fuel out. Then, they donít trim for landing and rush the approach to landing. This usually results in a poor landing. My procedure is to roughly trim the aircraft 1/2 throttle, flaps and gear up. Then, at half throttle, extend the gear and flaps. Now do a race track pattern maintaining level flight, trim the aircraft 1/2 throttle, gear and flaps down, for hands off flight. Now the plane is trimmed for landing. Give yourself 3-4 minutes to do this and to give you a couple practice approaches. Donít reduce throttle below a quarter, until the approach that you feel comfortable, and landing is assured. All you want to see is the leading edge coming down final. If you see the top of the wing, youíre too fast. If you see the bottom of the wing, you are too slow and/or too high. Full scale glide slope is 3-3.5 degrees decent angle. Also consider using ďcrowĒ. This gives wash out at the wing tips.
The worst approach is to come in high, chop the power and dive for the runway. It isnít a stabilized approach.

Also, double check the CG the manual way. I went to maiden a CARF Viper for a buddy. He was using the Xicoy balancer. Iím sure that he didnít measure correct. It wanted him to add 2# to the nose. I had him take what weight he already installed and moved the batteries back. I set his up to mine, and had an easy maiden.

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