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Trust me, there's a lot more to props than what I've told you. There's rake(the angle of the blade as compared to the hub and is totally different than pitch), there's cupping, several ways to cut a prop to make it work better on a specific boat and a few more that I'm not even sure what they're called. I only scratched the surface on the subject, Mark Sholund could probably write a book on the subject where I could only do a few paragraphs. That's also just the beginning of how much there is to the art of making a boat run and do so well. As far as thanking me, let's get the boat running first. I'd like to see a video of it running before we break out the ales, if you know what I mean. Same goes for a thank you gift, we can discuss that when the boat is running well enough to make you satisfied that it wasn't a waste of a lot of hard earned pence.
By the way, I haven't shown you what I play with yet. This is my fiberglass 1/8th scale 2000 Miss Elam Plus that I race with a local club. These things are not for the faint hearted. It's 109.2cm long,61cm wide, weighs 6.35Kg and will top out at around 100KPH with an 11cc .75Kw nitro motor under the cover

And a second, this one being built by my me from plywood, is 76cm long, 38cm wide and weighs in at 2.5Kg. Haven't put it to a real test yet as I'm still working on it, when I get the time

Does any of this shown below look familiar? The biggest difference is the collet is mounted on the output shaft of a Nova Rossi 3.5cc nitro-motor.

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