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Default Yes I salute you!

Hey bud, your reply made me chuckle! Yep, totally agree with you, might take my atomic out on the local boat pond and it explodes 😎🙁😎🙁😎 Propellers, fascinating science and physics behind them. I will certainly read up on them further down the line, you have got me interested. Physics isnít my forte in science. Yes, some quality Scottish ales am sure await you my friend.

Wowsers! Love your boat, thatís seriously fast!! Yes I did recognise the bits and bobs after you taught me the names and locations. Must be incredibly satisfying for you to design and build your own machine, looks so streamlined and that motor is massive. Sent my email to the contact you gave me about the propeller and get my new lipo hopefully on sat. Will run and test the boat on the stand first as you advised. Warmest Regards, enjoy your day and talk soon.

Ross 👍🏻

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