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Default My practice setup

Originally Posted by orthobird View Post
I just recalled, my radio will allow me to do that, meaning, it has the ability for me to set flight modes, and for example, I have already programmed the following three modes:

1. cruise (this has flaps up)

2. Mid flpas

3. full flaps

and I can also trim the aircraft in each mode, meaning, when i flip the switch to another mode, the trim from one mode does not carryovers to the other mode.
Good Morning,

That is great! Usually a P-51 has 2-3 degrees of elevator down trim. You can preprogram the elevator for a rough start. Now, if your radio has the ability, set the elevator trim up for fine tuning on a knob at 10% adjustment. Both the knob and the elevator trim tab will trim the elevator. Gear and flaps up, use the regular trim tab. Then when extending flaps, use the knob when flying the race track pattern in level flight. This gives you two trim settings. The elevator trim is set now with flaps up for the next takeoff. Then the knob setting, you add or subtract the trim percentage from the programmed elevator down trim with flaps full down. Donít use more than 60 degrees of flaps. 45 degrees is better. The more flaps that you have, the less you can increase the AOA(Angle of Attack). Or the sooner that it will stall in level flight.
On the ďCrow ď, you have to do two mixes for each aileron assigning the Flt Mod Sw or the Flap Sw. So, Flap to Aileron left and right, and I use 20% in the radio numbers. This gives about 5 degrees up aileron with full flaps. This set up allows for a greater AOA. This setup is for a two wheel landing. If you want to 3-point land the plane, donít use more than 30 degrees of flaps. The more flaps, the less that you can increase the AOA in the flair. This is why you will see some guys tip stall it in during the flair or base to final. Too much flap! This setup is for a flat full scale approach. You will carry 1/4-1/3 power setting until about 3-5 feet off of the ground. This is if your engine throttle is set up right. Half throttle has to be half of the power(rpms) If you havenít owned a DA, they are extremely reliable, even when new. Also, on a DA, if it doesnít start by the fifth flip after the pop, something isnít set up right.
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