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Originally Posted by Hyjinx View Post
Helps in a big way Lonnie. Thanks.
I knew one of you guys would pick up on that quick and make some suggestions I wouldn't have to research myself LOL.
I usually just use props that bring my Saitos to between 8500 and 9000 tops.
If that won't fly it I usually take a bigger Saito off the shelf and bolt It on.
I just don't like to sound they produce above that and conservative rpms make em last longer.
Just opinion there, just me.
Thanks Lon

Nothing wrong with running your engines a little slower than where peak torque or peak hp is made, helps with longivity. Now, if you go too far with over propping your engines and lug them down they will run hotter than needed and wear out sooner than necessary, same with under propping them to make them scream.
The fa62 and smaller engines are happy to run for many many years when propped for 10k on the ground so no danger there. Been there, still doing it today.