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There's a couple of things we can look at:
1) What is the speed controller rated at?
2) Is the prop hitting the rudder?
3) What were you using for a battery pack before?
Now, you said you were going to run it on the bench before you took it out to the pond. Did you do so and, if so, what did it do?
Just went and looked it up and the recommended battery is only a 25C. Something else I found is the ESC is rated at 60 amps. It's possible you're pulling too much power through the ESC and it's doing what we refer to as "thermalling" or shutting down due to too much heat.
Okay, let's try this:
Loosen the collet enough so the motor turns freely without spinning the prop, don't pull out the shaft. Now spin the shaft and see if there's any drag. It should turn easily so, if there's an amount of resistance, that's part of the problem.
If you don't feel any resistance, pull the shaft out just enough to clear the collet. Plug in a battery pack and turn on the motor, using the radio. Since there's no load on the motor it shouldn't get hot. If it does, within a few minutes, there's an issue with the motor. Check the speed controller as well, does it get hot? Unless the motor is pulling a lot of power, it should stay cool to warm, but not hot. I guess this is where we start troubleshooting.
As for the boat leaning to one side, is the low side where the battery is? If so, the battery pack is extremely heavy for that boat and could be part of the problem as well