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Originally Posted by orthobird View Post
thank you so much!

All great advice.

another question, how much deflection on the ailerons and elevators?

10 degrees each way on both? or do I need more?
I donít know what you have flown prior to this P51. The old statement, ďLess is More.Ē is very true with high performance Warbirds. If you havenít flown a fully symmetrical stab, they are very efficient and effective. So, the elevator needs far less movement than most think. Please understand that the manufacturerís recommendations are usually on the very conservative side, with hopes that the customer succeeds with their plane. Iím looking at your wt/bal again on the Xicoy. I donít know if the picture truly represents your plane. If it does, then you need to move the CG behind the main wheels. Otherwise, you will be tipping over on the nose and ruining cylinder heads and props. I bought a TF kit built P-51, not an ARF, cheap at a Warbird Event. The guy sold it because he was frustrated trying to land it. I bought it after his last bad on the nose landing. His CG was in front of the wheels, which is a no-no with any taildragger. I took 3 1/2 pounds of lead out of the nose!!! It flew beautiful after that and other setup issues. My flying buddies and I couldnít believe it. So, if you have to, add tail weight, or move batteries further back.
Back to flight controls and Less is More. I would use the low rate recommendation from TF with 15-20% expo. If you have flown warbirds, then you understand. If you are coming from IMAC style Extras, then you will think that you need more control. Trust me, you donít. P-51ís should be flown with graceful and sweeping turns. Smooth movements. Not bank and yank. With the heavier wing loading, if you bank and yank, it will do an accelerate stall, snapping and spinning into the ground. Another recommendation for your wheels and gear. Only have 1 to 1 1/2 degrees of toe in. I use a square for the adjustments.
Here is the recommendations from the TF manual.

Use Low Rates!