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Iím so glad that you did the finger balance and manual lateral balance. Tried and true. Iím glad that you didnít have a prop or engine strike. Now that you have mentioned that the engine changed during takeoff; I meant to ask you if you baffled the rear cylinder? It has to be done. Call DA and ask for directions. You also need 1 in 3 out air ratio for air flow through the engine cowling. Maybe more for a 100.
The Robart issue is common with a heavy plane. They are more for 25# and under, so any side load destroys them. Always come to a stop before any turns. I canít remember the other better quality brand right now. A little help guys? I think his name is Darrel and make them for the Ziroli P51 and CARF.
The best retract that I only buy are Behotec. They are mostly jet retracts and indestructible. The C40 or C50, depending if it would fit the thickness of the wing. Mounts can be modified. But, it would be easier and better to go with a set from the quality built retracts if he makes an exact swap out.
I am truly thankful that you manually checked the balances!!! Keep after the details!

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