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Originally Posted by ross100 View Post
Bud, whatís the purpose of that grub screw on drive dog as the drive dog canít be removed from the cable flex or is it a metal tube itís on. Am I right in thinking that the propeller should move a little at end between the drive dog and that hexagonal but at the very back? Cheers pal
The grub screw is there to keep the drive dog locked to the shaft. One thing that is possible is, if that is slipping, the prop would be slipping as well. One way to find out would be to pull the shaft part way out, loosen the grub screw and pull the drive dog away from the prop. If there's scrapes on the sides of the shaft, that would mean it's slipping, not a hard fix:
1) If there isn't a flat spot on the shaft, you would need to file one into the shaft so the grub screw has a flat surface to but up against
2) Slide the drive dog back down the shaft so it engages the slots in the prop hub
3) Apply thread lock to the threads of the grub screw
4) While holding the drive dog tight against the prop, tighten the grub screw down, making sure it lands on the flat area filed into the shaft
After you're done with that, time for another test run