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jan brilman
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I am looking for so around 65", 70".

And, especially: scale!

A couple of years ago I found the drawings from H.G. Hall, and had contact with Tom Wolf.

He (Tom) has done quiet some research into available plans, and found that most (all?) of them had serious flaws.

So, based on the Hall drawings (the best available?), he developed plans, and built a beautiful 28% Bird Dog.

There is a kit for a small 45" (1.45 m, 13%) from RBC-kits, which I think is pretty true to scale, but I am looking for a little bigger model . . .

I have compared the the Bob Rich model (72"!) to the Hall plans, and also found some mistakes.

But there is a build thread out there that I will study.


And, to come back to the first post: what is the relation between the Jack Stafford model and the Bob Rich design???

Anyway, still puzzling what I will do . . .