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Default Covering fiberglass wing tips

I am currently building a quarter scale Sig Spacewalker. The kit has plastic wing tips and cowl and I am not sure how well they will last. I debated making balsa wing tips but since I decided to order a fiberglass cowl I went ahead and ordered fiberglass wing tips too. The question is how to finish them.
I have never done a fabric covering before but I donít think the Spacewalker would look right with a plastic covering. I think a fabric covering will look more realistic. I have a few rolls of Coverite that I have picked up a various places that I am going to use. How should I go about covering the fiberglass wing tips? I even called Fiberglass Specialties and asked them about Coverite on fiberglass and he said he had know idea as he had never done that before. Where can I find out information about using fabric covering? Tips and tricks?
The rolls of Coverite that I have are different colors but I am planning on painting the plane and assuming after a priming coat the color should work out. Am I correct or way off in my assumptions?
I am looking forward to learning something new and hopefully have a plane that looks and flies good.