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[QUOTE=Hydro Junkie;12624230]Yes, the motors run in opposite directions. To do so, you hook them up the same, making sure they work. Now, you switch two of the wires on one and it will run in the opposite direction. Now, let's throw something at you that you may not have thought about:
You have to have a pair of flex cables that are wrapped in opposite directions to make the system work
My boat also runs a flex cable which, when looked at from the rear, turns counter-clockwise, This causes the flex cable to get shorter under load. If I were to reverse the rotation direction, it would cause the shaft to get longer and unwrap, probably costing me a prop in the process. BTW, this is the boat I race:

Great information. I had read that you had to have a left and right twist cable for that reason. Beautiful boat. We won't be racing just playing. I will add another pic of mine this afternoon. I have fiberglass drying on the top half now. I'll get it trimmed up and add a pic later.