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Dave, I misinterpreted your post as saying the 125 made more than 2.35 hp using a 15x8 prop. That prop doesn't appear in the article but is a good choice on the right airframe. In fact, whichever prop they dyno'd the engine at 2.35 hp with doesn't appear in the article either. I've seen high numbers from that author's dyno machine before so another reason I set my own standards with apc props,15% fuel and F plugs. I'm not however saying that my testing reveals more accurate hp numbers, it's just a standard I set to test all of my 4 strokes.

I've even gone so far as to set my own anticipated hp using .103 X CC = HP. Using this formula the FA125 should make at least 2.11 hp. Again, just a tool for checking the health of my engines using displacement as the primary factor along with this Static Thrust Calculator.

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