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Finally got out to fly today. The FG-11 just purrs. The fa-72 though, having some issues with it. at idle it doesn't slow down right away and then when it does it sounds like a loping harley. Transition is good, didn't measure peak, but noticed not a lot of difference in RPM when screwing in the HSN. On the last flight it started to bog when going full throttle in flight, and when going vertical the revs would go up, then come down. When I start it and pull the glow igniter off, the RPM's stay the same for a bit, then drop and lope. Never had issues with it before, so wonder what it might be. I finally got to actually fly the SSE and had fun with it, but with the engine acting up towards the end of the last flight I cut it short. I also got a second and third flight on a Radian glider I bought a couple years back. Flew two packs from 12v down to storage level, don't need to charge them. The first flight was a bit goofy, could not get the plane trimmed, and found a loose clevis, so replaced it, and the first flight today, just a touch of up trim was all it took. My second landing I put it right at my feet. My last flight with the LT-40 I landed it on one wheel, and then the tail touched and I turned it towards the other runway before setting the other wheel down, so I did a 1-2-3 point landing. LOL