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Originally Posted by smilam View Post
That is one of my concerns. Since I have never finished one with a fabric covering I will need to do a lot of reading and watching videos on that part. The sanding between coats is what I am most worried about. I can see me sanding holes thru the covering at ribs and around corners.
I will tell you this, I have covered and finished full scale and models countless times over the last 57 years, so when I say now to stay off any ribs, stringers or anything that is hard or has corners underneath the covering, you need to do so throughout your entire sanding operation until the very last prime fill application, then go light pressure, there should be enough primer to sand smooth, but go easy and read the surface closely as you go. If you think for a second your seeing the cloth, prime that area because it only takes a couple of abrasive passes and the covering is cut through. It can be repaired but what a PITA! So again take your time.


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