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Let me change tacks here(just love using sailing lingo in a non-sail thread) for a bit. You say you're building a scale hydro, so which hull are you building? The reason I ask is some boats are easier to install a gas drive than others. I learned that when I started working on a gas scale 1973 Pay'N Pak. To make it look scale, I found the only motor that would fit is a $1200 CMB 27 and that, even with a belly pan, the spark plug would still be sticking up through the dummy engine or the cowling. This meant that I had to change over to the 1978 Madison. This is the same boat but has a twin turbo Allison. The benefit to the having the Allison is that it has an intake system that will hide the spark plug as it's much taller than what is used on the Merlin the boat used when running at the Pak or the Atlas(in 1976). You also need to figure out where you will run the tuned pipe so that it's not enclosed or it can overheat and that can cause a multitude of issues. Access to your fuel and radio systems are also something that you have to work out