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Originally Posted by SERVUS View Post
Is there any issue to look out for when building this kit ?
Do yourself a favor and add the DKLM metal upgrade gears. These make the transmission far more durable and reliable.

If you can afford it get yourself a radio system with “dual rates” so you can “tune the handling” to your liking as the Tamiya Abrams tends to be a hand full to drive due to its overall quick responsiveness. Without “dual rates” you have to be easy on the throttle and steering inputs as it is easy to over steer or add too much throttle.

The tracks that come with the Tamiya Abrams are of excellent overall quality, are lighter and have larger track guide teeth then aftermarket ones. This really helps with track retention and greatly reduces “detracting issues”. Though lighter then aftermarket tracks the Tamiya tracks have proven equality tough and more reliable in my experience with both.

Otherwise the Tamiya Abrams goes together rather easily and is a really tough tank that does not need to be babied. It can be drive hard and fast or easy and slow.

I have a bunch of photos and a few videos of my Tamiya Abrams being abused on my Instagram @ fsttanks so feel free to take a look.

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