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Default Tamiya Abrams Build Tips.

Originally Posted by SERVUS View Post
Is there any issue to look out for when building this kit ?
The above Abrams build comments are all factual and helpful.

Tips: A few Tamiya Abrams RC kits delivered with faulty turret and or hull control units and Tamiya USA replaced my faulty set for one of my new kits, no problem, something to watch out for during RC setup. Be sure to have all components plugged in per the directions and manual, including the light harnesses or operating glitches may occur. The most noticeable glitch issue from a faulty control unit is that the model will shut down after firing the cannon. Additionally, the Tamiya Battle Unit may glitch after a fresh tank battery swap. My work around solution is to un-plug the battle unit from the turret controller and plug it back in with the fresh tank battery plugged in and installed and the tank powered off.

Built two Tamiya Abrams kits starting in late 2017 into 2018. Sold one model on and my keeper is still running well in 2020. Used either the plug and play Tamiya FineSpec 2.4 RC System or the earlier Tamiya Attack 4YWG 2.4 RC System, which made RC setup painless. Installed bearings with the road wheels, one set was supplied by Tamiya with the kit and the other bearing set came from Manheader on eBay. My Abrams keeper does not use the DKLM Steel Gears. The pricey DKLM Steel Gears for the second Tamiya Abrams was installed. It was around $90.00 with shipping:

Enjoy your Abrams build!


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