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Default Problem taxiing

Hello I have a problem with the tailwheel of my kadet senior sport. The stock tailwheel was not working because it bended with the weight of the model and tended to turn only to one side. So I replaced the tailwheel for a ohio superstar that is linked to the rudder music wire using a custom two arm linkage and springs. The fact is the rudder now works fine when taking off, the tailwheel turns great on the ground but the taxi difficult because the plane turns right or left fine if it is not a tight turn but it is impossible for me to make it turn continuously, so I cant turn the plane 180 degrees for example. The plane starts turning but gets straight after a second although I am keeping the rudder turning.
How can Isolve this?

Also the plane tends to balloon heavily when I apply more than 1/2 throttle, this is with trim fully down. Is this normal? I am using a saito 82 for power.