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Originally Posted by rcjetflyer0718-RCU View Post
according to your rules you have the run what you brought running silver class times (2:00 min breakout) and the warbird class running gold class (1:30 min breakout). Is that correct?
Good question. The Index time (or Breakout Time) for Run What You Brought is 2:30. However, each class has additional time requirements. We do not want any airplanes to be 30 seconds faster than the index. For several reasons, 1st being safety, 2nd we do not want 200 mph airplanes flying next to slower 100mph airplanes. Also, you will notice that there is a maximum time limit of 4 minutes. If an airplane can not complete 10 laps in this time than a DNF (Did Not Finish) will be given. This is in place so that we can keep the event moving (not having 15 minute heats) and also this benefits those that are running small fuel tanks or have short flight times due to batteries.

There are a lot of small additions and changes to the standard rules that others are using. All of these changes are design to make the races run easier, give more options to pilots, and to have more fun.

Please feel free to ask any additional questions.