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Today started out cool, a nice wind and good cloud cover. Time to get back on the barn roof removing more metal panels. I use my 8í step ladder on the low part working off the ladder. An extension ladder on the tall side working off ladder and getting up on roof with 2x lumber to rest on.

All was going good but then a mistake. Stepping down the 8í ladder, I thought I was on the last step before ground. I stepped off to find I was 2 steps up. Out of balance the ladder and I started to tumble. The ladder hit part of the structure and came to a stop. I held on and it slowed my fall. I fell on a slightly moist area of mud. I was a mess. Fortunately no injuries. I had cleared the area of some wood pallets and a few other things. Had I not cleared the area I would have been injured and probably seriously.

Not deterred, I pulled a couple of more panels then called it a good day. The worst is yet to come. Six last panels all over a rotted structure. Iíll have to use the ladders for these and use good care not to repeat a fall.

Hopefully Iíll get to fly this season. Cooler weather is coming.

You all take care. Those on the sick list heal well.