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Hi gentlemen Been reading your medical gripes and have concluded I am not doing so bad after all. BUT! (here it comes) I can't do anything without pain, we had a pipe break, and the guy (henry) cutting my lawn saved me, I shoveled three limps of dirt and almost collapsed. Henry finished the entire job. The black clay soil stuck to every shovel full. when I tried turning the water valve off I fell so I did it laying on the ground, luckily I was able to get up. this morning I feel ok? only my right hip protesting. I am concerned about my balance failing when I bend over, My doctors appointment tomorrow will be loaded with gripes.

I also recently had xrays- ultra sound on my lower spine and ankles, been run through some sort of MRI looking machine for my heart, stress test with ultra sound. nothing unusual! Too bad gripeing doesn't cause weight loss, I'd be thin as a rail.

I need to rebuild the roof on my shed And the house need re-shingling also, but no way I get on a ladder I have fallen three times because the ladder slid off something, one time my leg got caught in the ladder and darn near broke it below the knee (very painful) But those sudden stops is a killer.

I wish you all well! no pain and loads of flying, The sounds of those Merlins got my blood pumping (post 8579)