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And remember, even though Torro and taigen are the same tank, made in the same Factory, there will be differences if you buy a tank from imex. For example, when the jagdtiger first came out it was released in Europe but it came with the zinc gear boxes. The imex tanks all came with black steel ball-bearing gearboxes. It's kind of like the difference between buying a Camaro at your local Chevy dealer, or buying a Camaro from Yenko or Callaway. All imex tanks get extra attention and I know that when the container arrives in Florida every single tank is removed from the box and tested and then repacked even better than the original packaging. Those guys believe in going the extra mile for their customers and it shows. Once in awhile you hear a complaint, but 95% of the people that do business with them are very satisfied, myself included.

And don't forget, any time you order anything from imex, make sure to use the promo code RCULOVE to get a free gift.

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