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As we are all sharing medical problems brought on the ageing process I thought I'd share mine.

Last Friday evening just before going to bed, I felt a dull pain around the knee and calf muscle of my right leg. I managed to get off to sleep alright but when I awoke I had bruises all over the thigh and calf and at the back of the knee and I assure you that I have not played rugby for over forty years!. Lurid pictures below. I went online and indications seem to suggest that they were burst blood vessels and that I may have a problem with blood circulation. I have had a varicose vein in the right thigh for at least twenty five years. I felt ok on the Saturday and went flying. I showed the bruises to Roger Aubard, the president of the model aeroplane club. He used to be a nurse and recommended making an appointment with my doctor and not leaving it too long. My doctor has been on holiday for the past fortnight but she returned to work on Monday. I had an appointment with her at 12.00 on Tuesday when she diagnosed burst blood vessels in a vein and she prescribed Pradaxa which I believe are pills to thin the blood together with surgical stockings which I'll pick up later today!

So not the first rustle of the wings of the Angel of Death as I'd feared! I should be ok for driving over to England at the end of the month and spending the autumn with Miss Blue Eyes.

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