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Yeah, just saying that if you buy anything other than PIII/PIV, you might be prepared to buy a sound card and swap it out. I'm guessing that these cards for T-34 (V-12 Diesel), Sherman (Ford GAA), Tiger 1 Early (Maybach 210), and Tiger Late + everything else (Maybach 230 engine) are new additions to Taigen, but I don't really know. I put the 210 Maybach into my late Tiger, it sounds like it's backfiring more than the 230

FWIW, when I bought the separate cards from IMEX, they were embossed in the plastic "Taigen" under the paper label telling what tank sound it was. The PIII cards that came with the tanks had no logo. Curious, and I don't know if it helps you any. The cards are $25 US each.

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