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Some of the older tanks were produced when only one sound card was out (the P3/P4/Stug card) and as such a few of the older stock tanks still have those installed. However, if you buy a tank from us with the V2 or V3 systems (both RTR or S&D) and just ask for the correct sound card in the notes and put your RCU name in there I'll make sure the crew toss in the correct card in or w/e one you ask for with your tank.

Also yea international shipping is not fun. While we are now shipping parts internationally again the tanks are still kinda on hold. The shipping is very rough right now with the Covid stuff going on but parts are looking good and we haven't had any issues so far. Go ahead and hit us up on the site HERE and ask for a quote on the items/tanks you want. Usually Australia is ok on shipping, if you want to take the risk hit us up and we will do what we can on a quote ok? Please bear with us a bit as we are absolutely slammed atm here and I'm training 2 people right now and hiring another in the next day or two bringing up my total trainees to 3 at a time currently.