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I have a Saito 120R3 on its way via FedEx, supposed to arrive today and good thing I looked at the tracking because they require a signature. Last time I had a sig required delivery they didn't bother to ring the bell, just posted a note and left. I have in the delivery instructions to call or text so that it can be signed, and posted a big note on my door to text me since I am downstairs and wont hear the doorbell. The last time they did this I waited all the next day, and at 6 PM got a text stating missed delivery no one home. I was in the front freaking yard all day long waiting for them. I called an ripped into them, and they finally delivered it the next day which was a saturday. When I got it the box had holes in it and appeared to have been thrown around. It was the water chiller for my laser, and when I took it out no apparent damage externally, but inside the starter capacitor had broken loose. Glad I checked before plugging it in or it would have shorted out.