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I have several, but if I could only keep one it would be this one. Charges pretty much any battery, lipo, li-ion, nihm, ni-cad, etc, Also serves as a power supply, I can take it to the field and use it with a 12 volt car battery, and whatever else I forgot.

I mainly use nimhs for tanks and lipos for trucks, so I have a couple of cheap single chargers for lipos and an Onyx 240 dual charger for nimhs. But if you're just going to have one charger, you should get a "smart charger" like the one above. And Erik has started shipping outside the US again so you should message him, but don't be surprised if one of the minions answers you. Hey, one guy can only do so much, right?

And now the obligatory rant about safety. If you go with lipos, OBEY THE FREAKIN' SAFETY RULES!!!! Never ever ever leave a charging lipo unattended!! And now back to your original programming.

As for batteries, I've always had good luck with Onyx nimhs. My local hobby shop has them and they can put whatever connector I want on them, and the 3000 mah is just over 20 bucks. I could get them cheaper online, but I'm always preachin' about supporting local hobby shops so once in a while I have to put my money where my mouth is. And Onyx is a brand that's been around a while. I have 7 year old onyx batteries that still hold a charge just fine. Hmmm, maybe I should test that. Any excuse to make video, right?