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Don't get me started on SIerra. Great products but lousy customer support.

About 4 years ago I had them modify a set of main gear retracts for my DerJet Hunter to put in bigger air cylinders and to correct the extension angle to get them to look correct (90deg to the ground). I talked to Darrell about what I wanted and sent him my gear. He turned them around an about a month and it fixed all my issues at that time. I was happy.

About 2 years later I asked him to modify a second set for a spare Hunter kit that I have. No problem he said so I sent him the gear. After about 4 months I started calling - just waiting on a drill/ reamer or something - only a few more weeks and I'll ship them out.....

Months later still the same, with more excuses.

Well over a year later I express my displeasure and politely ask for them to be completed and returned to me. I give it a few more months and now all my calls never get answered. Voice mails left with no response.

After about 18 months total, I send him a signature delivery letter demanding my property back, and informing him that I would initiate legal action against him. Again nothing.

Unfortunately, after speaking to a solicitor and being advised that I had done the right thing, it became apparent that the cost to get legal involved would far outweigh the cost of a new set of gear.

I walked away, determined never to do business with him again.

I know others swear by him.