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Default Don't Miss out on saving 20% on Servos and Gear Motors @ ServoCity

Save 20% on Servos and Gear Motors Now - October 25th

Do you find yourself holding your breath waiting in anticipation that maybe just maybe, you might get that rare 2-for-1 vending machine drop? Well, some of you lucky customers will get just that when you order a gear motor or servo. Don't miss out.... it could be you!


Multi Turn Servos
Continuous Rotation Servos
Waterproof Servos
Low Profile Servos
Slim Wing Servos

Gear Motors

TT Gear Motors
N20 Gear Motors
Mini Econ Spur Gear Motors
Standard Spur Gear Motors
Precision Spur Gear Motors
Premium Planetary Gear Motors
HD Premium Planetary Gear Motors
5202 Series Yellow Jacket Gear Motors