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Okay, let's see how I do answering your questions:
1) You tune it just the same EXCEPT you tune it considerably richer.
2) Most carbs have barbs on them that will take care of holding the silicone tubing on. The fuel tanks normally use a soft brass tubing that is long enough to prevent the fuel lines from coming off.
3) NO!!!! DON'T USE CAR FUEL!!!!!! Car fuel doesn't have enough oil in it to protect the bushings and bearings due to the heavier load it would be subjected to in a marine application.

The 1/8th scale boat I've posted a picture of below is powered by a CMB .67(11cc) that runs on 50% nitro boat fuel. The big difference is boat fuel is mixed with between 16% and 18% oil, roughly double what you will have in car/buggy fuel.

The boat I linked below is a sport 20, powered by a Nova Rossi .21(3.5cc). I use the same fuel in it as I do the bigger boat above