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Boca Bearings would be my choice for the best bearings out there.

I don't know what brand of bearings come with the Inferno. I don't know how much cheaper a cheap bearing can be, but some of my low budget motors, and some stock kit bearings don't hold up very well. It all depends on location of bearing and the load it sees.

I'd recommend a person start with Avid for very good bearings costing around a dollar per bearing. What type of shield you prefer, and what type of maintenance you do, will ultimately decide on longevity of bearings. If you are able to remove shields, but choose not to remove them for cleaning, it's a lot harder; takes more cleaning product, takes more time to get bearings running smoothly again. Just chucking a bearing when it feels "crunchy" after a fast cleaning/relube was costing (to me) big $$$ money. I now take the time to do thorough cleaning by removing shields; relube my bearings with grease (even more messier), and my yearly bearing costs has been cut drastically.

I look for ABEC5 rated bearings when possible. I currently have Fushi, Advantage Racing, TRB, and JSB Great Bearings in my arsonal. They all have performed equally as good as all the other "$1" bearings out there. I've tried Fast Eddies...and they are okay, but I'll buy/support my old TRB/Advantage Racing/Avid favorites.