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Default Questions on my first electric twin

I have a Parkflyer Plastics OV-10 Bronco on its way to me, I am doing some planning, and I have some questions.

Background: I have built over 40 actual kits in the last 35 years, most of them being glow-powered. I was into electric flight during its infancy, and through its evolution, until not long after brushless motors and Lipos became popular. Then I got out of the hobby for a while, and am getting back into it.

1) For this OV-10, I am thinking of making the props be counter-rotating. I know how to do that with the motors, but the props become the question. I don't see any clockwise props listed anywhere. Is it possible to use a pusher prop turned around (relative to the motor) in a tractor orientation to accomplish that?

2) Has anyone here built and flown this particular plane? If so, which motors / ESC's / props / batteries did you use, and how were the results - good or bad? I would like unlimited vertical performance (not scale - I know), but I won't be hovering this thing. I can't be doing the 3-4 minute flight thing - I must get at least 8-10 minutes.

3) What is the latest & greatest philosophy on powering an electric twin - such as splicing some ESC wires together, running both motors off of a single battery, etc.? In my research, I have seen mention of connecting some red ESC main wires together, clipping small red wire, etc., but that was several years ago. Does anyone have a link to a forum thread or a website that reflects the current philosophy on this topic? I have tried searching, but search engines on web forums always suck.

I am going to try to build this thing light, but I want really good performance. No retracts, but I will make at least one of the rudders functional. For me, I must have a rudder on any airplane. I even added them to my Twisted Hobbys F-22, and I never regretted that.